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Expanded IDEA board shows renewed interest

The Annual General Meeting of IDEA (Imaging and Digital Entertainment Association) held in Sydney on Tuesday was from all accounts an upbeat and positive event, with a good roll-out of IDEA members ushering in a new, more representative era.

Newly-elected IDEA president, James Murray (Nikon).

‘There was a good atmosphere at the meeting,’ said new IDEA director, Steuart Meers, Photo Direct. ‘It was well-attended, and it shows there is more interest in this area of the industry than there’s been for a long time.’

‘I got a real feeling at the meeting that there was a great spirit of collaborative effort to help get through this rocky financial period, start planning for a great show in Melbourne next September, and use the diverse and strengthened skill set to make the things that need to happen for our industry, actually happen,’ said John Swainston, Maxwell international, (and a past president, treasurer, and PICA (IDEA) Board member for over 20 years.)

Outgoing president Dave Marshall moved to increase the number of directorships by one in the interests of expanding diversity of opinion on the Board. The resignation of veteran board member Bruce Pottinger opened up an opportunity for another new board member.

The AGM also saw four-term president Dave Marshall stand down from that role and nominate for a director’s position.

With more seats on the board available, the sequence of the election enabled all those who had nominated for directorships, including contenders for vice-president and president, to gain a director’s position.

In a farewell note to IDEA members prior to the AGM Dave Marshall wrote: ‘It is also pleasing to see the new nominations for board positions at this year’s elections.

‘It’s great to see so much interest and thus this is the appropriate time for me to step down and pass the presidency baton.

‘This is not to say the job is done. In fact we have only just started. I am running for a board member position as I want to help achieve a smooth transition process.’

Directors are: Gary Pertot (Adeal), Jason Mclean (Canon), Bruno Turcato (Epson), Dave Marshall (Fujifilm), Stuart Holmes (IPS), Stuart Meers (Photo Direct), and Adrian Fleming (Kodak – overseas and unable to attend).

While Treasurer Clem Kennedy (CR Kennedy) and Vice-President, Professional (Rob Gatto (Kayell) were elected unopposed, votes were called for the position of president, for which James Murray and Stuart Holmes stood, and vice-president, Consumer, for which Marc Radatt (Olympus) and Gary Pertot (Adeal) stood.

Each nominee was given one-minute to address the AGM and votes taken for the respective roles, with James Murray and Marc Radatt declared winners in a secret ballot.

‘The Board election and the quality of the resultant IDEA Board is great news for the whole industry,’ commented Mr Swainston. ‘We have some widely experienced new blood. They complete the output and accessories picture. We have some new members to the board from companies long part of the leadership team. We have a new president in James Murray from Nikon who has both retail and long-time national branded experience in digital convergence, CE and photo. And we have the continued experience of our immediate past president, David Marshall.

‘We are indeed fortunate that so many people are prepared to work for the common good.

‘Needless to say if this combined new team takes note of the feeling by some industry stakeholders that there is a need for greater transparency,’ he continued. ‘I am very confident IDEA will become an increasingly relevant and vital part of all our futures.’

Clem Kennedy delivered a Treasurer’s Report prior to last years financial accounts being voted on.

He noted that it had been a tough year financially, and that IDEA had experienced a loss for 2011/12.

The critical objective was to increase revenue from next year’s event, to be held in Melbourne in September.

Through the year IDEA achieved not-for-profit status with the Australian Tax Office, dating back to 2000 and leading to a $144,000 tax credit in 2011/12, and ongoing tax-free status.

New CEO Katherine Singson gave an overview next year’s show, saying IDEA planned to introduce a trade-only area cordoned off from the main consumer show, which would require trade ID to gain access to.

Two exhibition space salespeople have been recruited to increase bookings. So far, exhibitors have committed to around half the floor plan.

The meeting concluded in a little more than 30 minutes, and was followed by an address by Peter Myers, executive director of the AIPP, who impressed and encouraged the IDEA members  with his outline of how his professional photographers’ association has swelled membership from 2100 to 3400 in around 12 months.



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