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Everyone on Board at IDEA

The election for the new IDEA board saw all nominees win a place on the board, with James Murray, Nikon, elected as President; Marc Radatt, Olympus, as Vice-President, Consumer; Rob Gatto, Kayell,  re-elected as Vice-President Professional; and Clem Kennedy, CR Kennedy, re-elected as Treasurer.

Challengers for the position of president Stuart Holmes, IPS, and vice president, Consumer, Gary Pertot, Adeal were welcomed onto the board as directors, as was new director nominee, Steuart Meers, Photo Direct, resulting in a larger board with a broader representation of member companies.

New IDEA Board of Directors along with Katherine Singson, CEO of IDEA Australia: Robert Gatto, Kayell (VP Professional)p; Bruno Turcato, Epson;
Marc Radatt, Olympus (VP Consumer); Clem Kennedy, CR Kennedy (Treasurer); Gary Pertot, Adeal; Jason McLean, Canon; Katherine Singson, CEO, IDEA Australia; Steuart Meers, PhotoDirect; James Murray, Nikon, (President); Stuart Holmes, Independent Photo Supplies; Dave Marshall, Fujifilm. (Pic courtesy John Swainston, Maxwell International.)

 IDEA press release follows: 

Outgoing president Dave Marshall also took up a position on board.

‘It is good to see so much interest in the association. The board wants to be inclusive and it is very appreciative of all offers of help,’ said Mr Marshall.

Also not standing for re-election was well known pro photo supplier Bruce Pottinger, who has retired after 20 years on the board.

In a small presentation to Bruce Pottinger, Mr Marshall said the industry owes him a big debt of gratitude for his work in the professional sector and his long running stint as chairman of the annual photo show.

In his annual report Mr Marshall listed the recent milestones in the association’s history as:
– Bringing back the control of our annual show to be in the hands of our Australian industry;
– Taking steps to help secure the financial future of the Australian PMA;
– Staging a successful show in the most challenging period our industry has ever faced and laying a solid base on which to build for the future;
– Re-writing our constitution and renaming ourselves to make us more inclusive of members representing new technologies;
– Appointing a new Chief Executive Officer and a revitalised team to carry the work forward; and
– Restructuring ourselves as a not-for-profit association and securing government recognition of our long endeavours to grow the industry for all.

Marshall also paid tribute to his fellow executives: ‘To achieve all this I have been supported by a splendid team of senior executives from the major brands in our industry. What we have achieved together has been quite remarkable.’

Newly elected president James Murray led a tribute to Dave Marshall and a vote of thanks for all the work he had undertaken.

Mr Murray said: ‘When the industry needed him, in spite of his own heavy work commitments, Dave heeded the call and stepped up to the industry plate. As with everything he does, Dave tacked the job with energy, enthusiasm and great foresight. He has been an inspirational leader.’

IDEA CEO Katherine Singson outlined plans for the 2013 Digital Show, which will be held in Melbourne next September.

Ms Singson said: ‘We have a strong board in place and we are confident that we can achieve some significant changes to ensure the coming event breaks new ground in achievement for our industry.’




  1. Phil G Phil G October 24, 2012

    There is nothing as constant as change, the new board will I hope will makes these changes taking in mind the industry as a whole and not just focusing on CE.

    The mix of new board members I am sure will see to that, good luck.

  2. alan alan October 24, 2012

    Well done to the new arrivals to the group.
    Look forward to hearing about where its all going and what the group will be doing for everyone in the photo industry, small and large.

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