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Downloadable Fair Work handbook available

The Fair Work Ombudsman has published a Fair Work Handbook to help employers better understand the Fair Work Act and their obligations under workplace laws.

The handbook provides an overview of the aspects of the Fair Work Act that employers must be familiar with, including: the 10 national employment standards; awards and agreements; pay slips and record keeping; employing staff; handling workplace disputes; managing underperformance; and general protections.

‘The Fair Work handbook helps employers to understand their obligations and how to apply them within their business,’ said Lynda (‘Hairy’) McAlary-Smith, from the office of the Fair Work Ombudsman.

It can also assist employers and managers in dealing with employee enquiries about workplace laws and will help in resolving any issues that arise, she added.

For more information, visit, or call the Fair Work info line on 13 13 94.

To access a copy of the 12-page Fair Work Handbook, click here.

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