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DNP announces wireless, one-minute passport system

JA Davey has announced the pending Australian launch of the DNP DS-ID400 Passport ID photo solution, based on proven Sony dye-sub-based digital passport and ID imaging technology, combined wirelessly with a high-end Canon camera.

The new DNP passport system from JA Davey is built around the latest DNP dye transfer printer, the DS ID-400.

The ID400 features convenient wireless operation, and a 60-second print production cycle.

Regulations for ID and passport photos have become more and more demanding. With state-of-the-art face-detection and automatic face alignment, the DNP DS-ID400 helps ensure passport and ID work is consistently compliant with the relevant regulations.

The majority of international passport and ID formats are pre-stored in the printer with custom templates easily added using DNP ID software. The ID400 also saves to memory, enabling the rretailer to up-sell a USB flash-drive together with the prints!

The new DNP DS-ID400 system is offered with either a Canon Powershot SX40HS or a Canon EOS 1100D. Pictures are transferred via Wireless LAN via a dedicated SD Wi-Fi card – there is no need to take a memory card out of the camera and insert it into the printer or kiosk, nor are there cables to get in the way. Simply ‘capture – review – print’: a simple three step process on the camera, taking less than one minute from start-finish.

Like the previous Sony UPX-C200 and UPX-C300 systems, the new DNP DS-ID400 system prints on Sony UPC-X34 and X46 passport photo media.

‘As the Australian distributor for DNP, J.A. Davey Pty Ltd, realises the importance of high-margin passport and ID photo services for our partners in retail. Simplicity, reliability, and convenience are the three major demands that we understand from our customers, and these are the three things the ID400 delivers,’ said Jon McBriar, product manager, Photographics, JA Davey.

Mr McBriar said the new DNP DS ID400 is the easiest to use and most cost-effective solution on the market.

JA Davey is offering owners of Sony UPX-C200 and UPX-C300 passport systems an update with the DNP ID400 printer. Using a USB adaptor, they can connect their existing UPX camera via Bluetooth and continue to enjoy their current workflow.

Australian sales of DNP DS-ID400 will commence in July 2012. Pricing will vary depending on the configuration and components ordered.

Please visit for more information or contact Jon McBriar on (03) 9646 5488

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  1. Nadeem Nadeem March 25, 2013

    Hi i run a post office and want to buy a passport photo system.

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