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Digital Show voxpop

Towards the end of The Digital Show on Sunday afternoon, Photo Counter asked a random group of visitors about the show. Three were photo enthusiast or hobbyist consumers, the fourth a young professional photographer.

This is what they had to say…

John, Fitzroy:
‘I’ve really enjoyed it. I was was looking to see what new products were around, particularly the new Nikon D3200 and also the N1 system.

‘I also wanted to see the new Olympus OM-D.

‘I was also interested to see some of the other developments on the stands in terms of shooting video on DSLR, and the lifestyle cameras.’ [GoPro, GoCam, etc.]

‘I did notice that Sony wasn’t here and was really disappointed as some of my friends have just Sony gear and we wanted to see what’s new. To be honest I wasn’t really interested in the other brands.’ [Panasonic, Samsung].

‘The people I spoke to on the stands all seemed really interested and friendly.

He added that e would like to exhibitors selling product from the stands.

‘Oh – last thing – all the photo exhibitions were certainly worthwhile. It was great to see so many photos!’

Robert (pro photographer), Melbourne:
‘There’s always something interesting to discover when you come to a show like this.

‘Often you set out to see something then you don’t end up seeing it but you find a lot of other things which are interesting. It’s like going to a big supermarket where everyone’s there together.

‘I just came to see the prints and printers and the album suppliers, but it was good to have a play with the Nikon gear.

‘I did find the program confusing – there were different programs for the talks and the exhibitions and the judging programs. It would be god to have just one program with everything that’s happening.

Suzanne, Melbourne:
‘I’m glad I came. It was really enjoyable. I learnt things I didn’t know, and I’m signing up to a travel photography course.

‘I had a fantastic conversation with Olympus – I’m a fan. I need to upgrade and I’m looking at the OM-D.

She said of the brands which hadn’t exhibited: ‘They are not rely big in photography. For me, all the cameras are here. Also the lens companies.

‘I didn’t think it was well-advertised. I hadn’t seen anything in the media. There could be more people here if there was better promotion.’

Gavin, Ivanhoe:
‘I was here two years ago. I’m here on a mission to find a lightweight travel tripod. The gear took second place when I came upon Glynn Lavender’s talk. Just fantastic.

‘Overall, it’s been good. With the internet you can get lots of information online but here you have the hands-on experience. You can feel the weight, handle things.

‘I’m using Canon gear and I was also here to see the 24-70mm lens, which isn’t in the shops yet.

‘It was also good cruising the photo awards.’ (The APPAs).

He said that his only suggestion for improvement was a printed exhibition map including details of where to find particular stands and products.

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