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Digital Show from September 13 – 15

IDEA has fixed Friday 13-Sunday 15, September as the weekend for the 2013 Digital Show, and flagged another event in Sydney in the second quarter of the year.

Unedited press release from IDEA follows: Following its recent success in ‘Jeff’s Shed’, the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest and most prestigious digital imaging event will be expanded next year under the careful guidance of a new CEO and management. Already, it has firm commitments from significant industry players including Canon, CR Kennedy, Epson, Fujifilm, Kayell, L&P, Nikon and Olympus, with Hewlett Packard also expressing interest.

The Digital Show is being organised by IDEA Australia (IDEA is an acronym for the Imaging Digital Entertainment Association), the new name for the restructured PICA (Photo Imaging Council Australia). This change reflects digital convergence and how Australians can leverage technology to enhance their lives at home and on the go.

Photo imaging has never been more popular, with the ability to share creativity in traditional print or in digital format – on a tablet, smart phone, laptop or television screen.

IDEA Australia CEO Katherine Singson brings a wealth of business experience to her new role, having worked directly with some of the best minds in Silicon Valley and Australia.

‘This is an industry full of passionate, imaginative people and we’re providing an opportunity for the community to connect, have fun and learn. Whether you’re an aspiring amateur photographer or an established professional, there will be plenty for everyone at The Digital Show next year. There will be more floor space and special features in 2013 to ensure a great experience for exhibitors and attendees alike,’ Ms Singson says.

Tens of thousands are expected to make their way to the event. Those wanting to register their interest can visit, where they can also view a short video from this year’s event, held in May.

‘We have ambitious plans and encourage everyone to embrace the benefits of new technology. I love the idea of encouraging people tounleash their creativity, so “yes” the show will have sizzle and spark, but with an emphasis on education and practicality,’ Ms Singson says.

IDEA Australia is also working on a Sydney-based photo imaging event that is likely to be held in the second quarter of 2013, with full details to be revealed in coming months.


  1. Alan Alan August 2, 2012

    Would love to know where PMA will fit in with this. I hope IDEA remember that there are lots of small, family owned businesses out there who see a trade show as very beneficial. We do not need our buyer to go to a special screening and then buy for our 215 stores (or something similar). A trade show where we can talk to our distributors, and a networking day where we can talk with other retailers is very important to me, and I believe, a large number of other store owners.

  2. Alan Alan August 2, 2012

    Just saw the PMA release, and it sounds good.

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