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COSBOA develops simple Carbon Tax tool

COSBOA, in collaboration with local communities website, has developed a simple Carbon Tax Calculator for small businesses.

Click on this graphic to go to the Carbon Tax Calculator.

The calculator is based on government estimates of the impact of the Carbon Tax on various business functions and costs.

The figure arrived can be seen as a minimum level of cost increase.

In introducing the online tool, COSBOA executive director, Peter Strong noted:

‘There are plenty of small business people who have no regard for a carbon tax and do not support it. There are also plenty of small business people who believe that we need a carbon tax but in a different form, and there are plenty who think this carbon tax is OK and that they have bigger concerns around wages, workplace relations, superannuation and rents.

‘All these business people will make their opinions heard at the polling booth at the next election, but in between time they want to know, ‘What will the Carbon Tax cost my business.’

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