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Canon expands Cinema EOS system

Canon Australia has made four significant announcements to its EOS lineup of professional digital cinematography products.

The new products are:
– The compact and lightweight EOS C100 camera (pictured right). Supporting a wide range of applications, from film-school projects to documentaries, the EOS C100 now makes independent productions easier, with automatic functions facilitating easy operation by a single user. The EOS C100 incorporates an industry-standard-size Super 35mm-equivalent CMOS sensor (approximately 8.29 million effective pixels), featuring a large pixel-surface-area for high light-gathering capabilities. The result is high sensitivity and reduced noise for natural low-light shooting.The new Canon EOS C100 will go on sale in Australia in December.
– The flagship Cinema EOS System camera, the EOS C500/EOS C500 PL. Capable of shooting stunning 4K-resolution video, the new addition comes in two models: the EOS C500, which supports Canon’s diverse line-up of interchangeable EF lenses and EF Cinema Lenses; and the EOS C500 PL, compatible with industry-standard PL lenses. The new Canon EOS C500 and EOS C500 PL will go on sale in Australia in November.
– Four new compact and lightweight EF Cinema Lenses for use with 4K cameras, supporting a diverse range of motion picture productions. The new line-up comprises the CN-E15.5–47mm T2.8 L S (for EF mounts) and CN-E15.5–47mm T2.8 L SP (for PL mounts) wide-angle cinema zoom lenses; and the CN-E30–105mm T2.8 L S (for EF mounts) and CN-E30–105mm T2.8 L SP (for PL mounts) telephoto cinema zoom lenses.
– Two new single-focal-length models –  a 14mm T3.1 wide-angle lens and a 135mm T2.2 telephoto lens – are under development. These two new models join the stable of Cinema EOS prime lenses, the CN-E24mm T1.5 LF, CN-E50mm T1.3 LF and CN-E85mm T1.3 LF.

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