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Canon continues to lead in cameras

Canon continues to maintain clear market leadership in camera sales in Australia, both overall and in the higher-margin DSLR category.

Around two out of every three dollars spent in Australia on DSLRs is on a Canon EOS, according to GfK figures.

During a press briefing on the launch of the new Canon EOS M interchangeable camera last week, Canon’s Consumer Imaging public relations manager, Andrew Giles, quoted the latest GfK sales figures to illustrate just how central Canon is to Australian photo retailing:

‘In total camera – all cameras combined – we are sitting at 35 percent market share,’ he said. ‘We’ve crossed over to more than one third, so more than one in three dollars is being spent on a Canon camera.’

‘If you look at DSLRs excluding the compact system cameras we are number one at 63.4 percent by value,’ he said. That is, almost two out of every three dollars spent on DSLRs goes to the Canon brand.

‘And if you look at total interchangeable lens camera category – DSLRs and compact system cameras – we are 55.6 percent by value – so again more than one in every two interchangeable lens cameras sold year to date at May is Canon EOS.

Canon Australia has sold over 100 units of its Cinema EOS system since its launch in January.

He also touched on two successful local innovations – the launch of the Dreamlabo 5000  high definition commercial printing system and Canon’s venture into cinema cameras, Cinema EOS.

‘In Australia we are the first in the world to sell the Dreamloabo system – so we’re first in the world to avail ourselves of what we are calling high definition photo books and photo print.

‘Cinema EOS was announced in November. We hit the market in January and we have already sold our 100th unit. To be honest that’s incredible – we are pleased that it has been picked up so strongly in Australia.








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