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Camera House ‘going global’, says report

Camera House chose Le Royal Meridien Hotel in Shanghai for its 2012 half-yearly meeting, which was held over the weekend (March 24 – 25).

Highlights included:
– Targetted grow in 2012 of 12.5 percent;
– In light of fragile Australian economy, general manager Paul Shearer announces plans to become a ‘ global retailer’, leveraging suppliers’ Asia Pacific supply hubs;
– Camera House to offer competitive prices and a competitive range operating as a ‘global retailer’;
– Growth of Chinese middle class to provide opportunities for Camera House group;
– Continuing camera supply issues through to May or June;

Alan Corder - new Camera House external director.

– Plans to align with other photo specialty groups such as Pro Photo in the US, Dixons and Jessops in the UK;
– Former top Canon executive Alan Corder (pictured right) appointed as an external director following Sina Clayton’s resignation.

The details above are based on information on CE website, Connected Australia

In other reports Camera House announced it had launched a Hot Deals site to clear extra stock and had overhauled the design of its catalogues.

Photo Counter was unable to obtain more details about Camera House’s ambition to ‘go global’.


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