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Block mounting now easy and profitable

Photo Direct is rolling out its DGI Block Mount system as a high margin but inexpensive option for in-store created wall displays.

Photo Direct had produced a 5-minute instructional video on how to make DGI block mounts. (Click pic to access.)

The DGI Block Mount system made its Australian debut at the recent Camera House conference where is was well-received by retailers.

Photo Direct’s Tracy Lints said that before the DGI mounting kits were available, most retailers outsourced block mounting, as doing the work in-house was ‘too tricky’ and accompanied by a lot of wastage.

DGI Block Mounts are available in several sizes from 11×14 through to 20×30 inches. The display panels are 20mm foam core board, pre-coated with a moisture-stable sheet adhesive and pre-trimmed with black edging. They take only five minutes to make in-store.

The team at Photo Direct has created and released a simple 5 minute instructional video on DGI Block Mount products.

According to Ms Lints, there’s a new segment of consumers who want to get the best out of their images by using a variety of media.

‘Canvas is not always going to be the solution for these consumers, however block mounting enables a store to print on a wide variety of media including metallic, high gloss and satin finishes,’ says Tracy.

She said block mounting gave a slick, contemporary look to wall displays, and represented a new option to offer customers beyond now-ubiquitous stretched canvas.

(The light weight of block-mounted images will  also provide a viable option for customers who live in rented accommodation, and have lease restrictions on how they attach displays to walls. KS.)

‘We see this market growing rapidly over the next 12 months so we have extended the range of wide format media we carry to suit every brand of inkjet printer.’

As well as offering the retailer good margins and the opportunity to create value in-store, block mounting is also one of the least expensive options for customers, with potentially fast turnaround times.

‘You could be selling block mounts on Christmas Eve!’ said Ms Lints.

She also noted that none of the mass merchants and CE stores retailing photography are offering in-house block mounts, so it gives photo specialists a clear run, and a further opportunity to underscore their relevance as specialists.


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  1. Phil G Phil G December 6, 2012

    Fantastic product now to get someone to sell it to me 🙂

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