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APS launches logistics business

Australian Photo Supplies has announced the formation of a new business trading as APS Logistics, providing warehousing, distribution and even re-packaging services.

‘Warehousing and distribution has always been a core strength of APS, as we’ve been supplying these services to key clients such as Carestream Health, Polaroid Australia, ID Station, Proskins UK and Aussiewave Marketing for over three years now. It made perfect sense for us to expand this part of our business,’ said Robert Dessmann, managing director, Australian Photo Supplies.

APS Logistics will operate out of its multi-zoned warehouse in Somerton, a northern suburb of Melbourne. The facilities offer both ambient storage and a purpose-built temperature controlled area for storage of sensitive goods.

The new company will feature a flexible pricing model which will be based on levels of  warehousing activity, to reduce locking clients in to fixed cost contracts.

‘Our flexible pricing model is perfect for seasonal businesses, start-ups, or international brands entering into the Australian market. As their business activity increases or decreases we can tailor the warehousing solutions to meet those variances.’ explained Mr Dessmann.

Along with the warehousing and distribution services, APS Logistics will offer full back-office support including customer service and reporting, re-packing and bundling services, and contract sales teams as required. Together with providing these services nationwide, APS Logistics will also be able to provide service to clients based in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

APS Logistics will be run alongside Australian Photo Supplies, which will continue to supply an extensive range of photographic products to the photo channel, while also working with Brands Australia’s agencies in supporting Polaroid imaging products and ID Station biometric systems.

More information can be obtained by calling APS Logistics direct on 1800 619 319 or by visiting the website at

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