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Clyde Rodrigues to leave Kodak

Kodak Australia managing director, Adrian Fleming, has informed Photo Counter that Kodak’s well-known consumer products executive, Clyde Rodrigues, is leaving Kodak, as is consumer sales director, John Clifford.

Clyde Rodrigues, whose current role is business development director, has been with Kodak for three decades in R&D, manufacturing and senior marketing and management roles, and has represented Kodak on the PICA/IDEA board since 2006. He is universally popular among both Kodak customers and his colleagues in the industry.

He is moving to the role of sales & marketing director with UCC Australia, a major distributor of Kodak products to the largest mass and grocery retailers in the country. \

Over the past few years, Mr Rodrigues has played a major role in successfully moving Kodak Australia and Kodak NZ to a largely outsourced distribution and marketing model.

John Clifford is less well-known in the local industry, having worked with Kodak Australia for a shorter period.

Both formally leave Kodak Australia on November 2.


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  1. Phil G Phil G October 12, 2012

    Clyde, there must be an award for staying low for so long, the last I knew you were still the “battery man” looks like Adrian will be turning out the lights from now on.

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