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PMA launches photo class program

September 22, 2011:PMA has launched a series of 10 customer photo lessons for photo specialty retailers to use in their stores.

The package is available free for PMA members in Australia and New Zealand who renew their membership before October 31, or otherwise at US$799.

The ‘CliQ Academy’ Basic Photo Classes are available only to PMA members, either as a download or on DVD with a small additional shipping and handling fee.

US photo educators Mark Comon (Paul’s Photo) and Mike Woodland (Dan’s Camera City) have assembled the 10 ‘tried–and-tested beginner-level classes’ to launch the program. Though the material will obviously be US-oriented, the lesson notes, sample images, logos and Powerpoint presentations which comprise the package can be easily adapted to suit local retailers.

‘Offering photo classes in your retail location is one of the hottest industry trends…and is creating huge customer loyalty and equally huge revenue,’ said Chad Munce, group executive, PMA.

‘Retailers offering photo classes tend to have more repeat customers as well as sell more to those customers. Developing a good photo class, however, can be a daunting task and quite frankly too time consuming for most business owners. PMA understands and has launched one of the most valuable training resources in our history.’

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