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PICA takes back annual show

July 6, 2011: Strong industry rumours that PICA will re-assume management of the annual Australian photographic show were confirmed today by PMA and PICA.

Under the new agreement, PICA will run the show and PMA will run the conference. (Or in PR speak: ‘Under the new agreement, PICA will have increased local autonomy in order to better focus on the issues of building a higher return on investment for exhibitors in the professional, trade and consumer areas. PMA will concentrate on building a wider and stronger education program and a range of new support services for retailers.’)

Focus on exhibitor value

‘While strengthening our appeal to consumers, there will be no lessening in serving the special needs of the professional and trade sector exhibitors,’ said PICA president, Dave Marshall (pictured above right).

‘Indeed, to the contrary we will be introducing a new format to enhance that market. We have to look right across the industry board to ensure that all exhibitors get the maximum bang for their buck.’

The next show is tentatively booked for Melbourne next May, but offers from other venues in both Sydney and Brisbane are currently being considered. A further announcement is expected shortly.

The recently concluded show at Sydney’s Darling Harbour broke all previous attendance, according to PMA, with a one-time visitor count in excess of 20,000. PMA director Peter Rose (pictured left) says this puts the Imaging & Entertainment Expo into the big league of events in Australia.

‘It is gratifying to note that the show has again worked as a lever for increased consumer activity at retail. It’s not just a question of one retailer that has benefited: it’s a whole wide range of retailers from right across Sydney to the outer metropolitan areas,’ said Mr Rose.

‘We are receiving reporting increased sales activity from all these areas and from all manner of outlets.’

Said Brian Wood, international president of the PMA, ‘The Australian show is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. It continues to play an important role in trade and consumer education. We can attribute much of the forward thinking success of the Australian photo industry to our cooperative arrangements with the Photo Imaging Council.

‘This show is big and both organisations have to build on their strengths. What we need to do now is evolve a new business model capable of taking us through the constant changes the industry is facing.’

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