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Photo workers don’t stress in US

April 28, 2011: ‘Photographic process worker’ is ranked the second least stressful blue-collar job in the US behind bookbinding, according to online employment agency,

(‘Blue collar’? Aren’t you supposed to wear a white lab coat when driviing a minilab?)

– Next came musical instrument repairer, assembly line worker and forklift operator. The most stressful blue collar jobs were ranked as fire officer, taxi driver and police officer.

Unfortunately, photofinishing also ranks as one of the lowest paid of the low-stress jobs, with an average annual salary of just over US$26,000. Hiring prospects are among the lowest of all occupations as well – so stress levels must start to rise among unemployed photo processors, at least!

The ‘survey’ noted that many of the low-stress jobs are in ‘declining industries’, prime examples of which are bookbinding – soon there will be no more books as eBooks hold sway – and photo processing.

‘The abundance of digital cameras in the marketplace makes this job less secure than ever before,’ CareerCast sagely notes.

‘Photo finishing itself is not terribly stressful – my employees always seem pretty relaxed, noted one photo retailer on Bestphotolist, a US-based forum. ‘Running a lab, paying the bills – now THAT’s where the stress comes in!

(What do you think – is operating the minilab a stress-free gig? Lost image files, demanding customers, out-of-whack chemistry, etc, all water off a duck’s back?)

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