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Nikon rolls out worlwide brand campaign

March 31, 2011: Nikon has unveiled a new brand identity entitled ‘I AM’, supported by a ‘through-the-line’ marketing campaign, in a bid to better connect with Australian consumers.

‘Nikon has evolved from a brand talking about itself to a brand talking from the consumer’s perspective,’ said Nikon Australia senior marketing manager, Nick Segger.

The ‘I AM’ campaign is a multi-year campaign that encompasses all Nikon products, from compact cameras to professional DSLRs. It is a ‘a multi-year activation that spans all mediums from web to magazines to cinema and TV.’

The campaign, which centres on a TV commercial which was created in Germany and adapted locally, ‘aims to speak to both the consumer and pro market and relate to photographers of all levels’ – as such there is no specific demographic targetted.

The TVC aired first on March 27 and will debut in cinemas on April 7.

‘For the average person, photography is about sharing and self-expression, rather than the individual photo. The ‘I AM’ campaign creates new relevance by bringing to life the experiences of photographers of every level,’ said Mr Segger.

The ‘I AM’ campaign ‘positions Nikon at the heart of life’s special moments like a child’s first steps or a wedding day.’ Brit celebrities Robbie Williams and Jamie Oliver feature in the campaign, sharing their own heartfelt moments, alongside professional photographer Vincent Munier.

‘It demonstrates Nikon’s support for retailers and consumers by providing through-the-line support coupled with product tours to help consumers make informed purchase decisions. This covers a range of product from entry-level Coolpix to enthusiast DSLR,’ said Mr Segger.

The I AM press release referred to the availability of ‘integrated product tours available to all retail partners’. Nikon elaborated thus: ‘The I AM assets range from integrated traditional product and brand point-of-sale materials, but now includes retail and web product tours to sell the key features of the products in a consumer benefit way that is consistent with the I AM NIKON theme.’

(Examples of these tours can be found at the website.)

Nikon Australia said that the investment the company is making in launching the I AM campaign amounts to ‘a multi million dollar roll out.’

‘We will use the technical superiority that the brand already has to offer as a base, and now we’re opening it up to involve our consumers.’

Readers can view the Nikon cinema ad here.

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