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New Kodak paper for electrophotography

February 24, 2011: Eastman Kodak has announced new papers with photo paper-like qualities for use with electrophotographic printers.

Kodak Professional Endura Electrophotographic Printing (EP) paper uses proprietary ‘E-surface’ technology to create high-quality, photo-grade media for EP presses, offering the look, feel and surface of photographic paper, the company says.

Customers can mix media output from silver-halide printers and digital presses to expand the potential portfolio of photo offerings, as well as enhance productivity. The new paper is optimised for both dry ink and liquid ink technologies, and there is a two-sided (lustre surface) version for duplex printing.

It will enables professional labs, studios, central fulfilment centres and printers to mix media output, and produce differentiated digital press products more quickly and at higher quality, when compared to conventional EP on plain coated paper. It also allows customers to offer premium output at various price points. For example, professional labs can create wedding albums on traditional photographic paper and offer less-expensive companion books, printed on Endura EP Paper, for couples to give to family members.

The paper has the look and feel of traditional photo paper, and has the same white, non-yellowing paper base used on Kodak Professional Endura colour negative photo paper.

‘As more labs complement their silver-halide printers with digital presses, our media enables them to offer new and differentiated products, such as greeting cards, business cards, companion wedding albums and posters, without compromising quality or productivity,” said Dennis Olbrich, Eastman Kodak Company.

Kodak will initially offer the new Kodak Professional Endura EP Papers in 12 x 18 inch double-sided sheets. The double-sided lustre version is ‘available worldwide immediately’.

Kodak also announced a new Kodak Professional Portra 160 Film, ‘featuring a significantly finer grain structure in a 160-speed colour-negative film,’ available in 35 mm, 120/220, 4×5 and 8×10 sheet format. It will replace the existing Kodak Professional Portra160NC and 160VC film.

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