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M-mount unit for Ricoh GXR system

June 29, 2011: Ricoh takes its GXR interchangeable compact camera system one step further this month with the announcement of an M Lens Mount Unit to marry the system to Leica lenses.

Ricoh’s GXR system, on display at lst week’s Imaging & Entertainment show, uses a slide-in mount system to attach ‘units’ which integrate lens, image sensor and image processing engine.

The new lens mount is compatible with a range of M mount lenses including those produced by Leica (as well as Minolta, Carl Zeiss, Voitlander and Rollei). To do justice to sophisticated M-mount optic, the new unit features a 23.6 mm × 15.7mm (APS-C size), 12.9 megapixel CMOS sensor and a newly-developed focal plane shutter.

It is planned for a spring 2011 release with local pricing to be announced closer to release date.

Ricoh also showed mock-ups of several other non-camera units to expand the utility of the GXR system at the Imaging & Entertainment show, including a small printer and a mini-projectors, a GPS unit and a storage device.

Ricoh cameras are distributed in Australia by Tasco Sales. For enquiries phone 02 9938 3244 or visit

A brief but interesting demonstration of the GXR system on the Image & Entertainment show floor can be viewed here.

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