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Kodak Express NZ to Leading Edge

November 3, 2011 (updated Nov. 4): Leading Edge has taken over from distributor Croxley in handling marketing for Kodak Express NZ stores.

Robyn Pickerill

Leading Edge NZ dealer manager Robert McDonald has confirmed the change but did not provide any other details.

Croxley continues in a distribution role to all New Zealand customers for Kodak products

Robyn Pickerill (pictured right), who has been handling the Kodak Express business at Croxley as Kodak Express program manager, was given notice last week that her role was to be ‘disestablished’, and she finished as Kodak Express program manager this week.

Ms Pickerill has led the group from 2006 through Kodak’s transition from a fully-operating subsidiary in NZ, to the distributor Sellagence and then two years later to the distributor Croxley. NZ industry insiders say she provided stability, direction and leadership for the group, and introduced many initiatives to drive the group forward through some unsettled times for both Kodak and the retail market.

She has a long association with the industry, having held marketing and promotions roles with Agfa and Sony prior to working with Kodak Express.

Kodak Express has remained linked to the Kodak distribution side of the business up until this latest change. Now it appears that the Kodak Express group in New Zealand is separating from a direct relationship with Kodak, with Leading Edge appointed to manage marketing for Kodak Express, much the same as it does in Australia.

‘The loss of Robyn Pickerell as the CEO of the Kodak Express group is, in my personal opinion, disappointing. It will leave many members scratching their heads and asking just how did this happen,’ said long-standing Kodak Express member, John Berry (Kodak Express Coastlands).

‘Robyn has given six years of dedicated service to the group and I am sure that we would not have survived as well as we have in this digital revolution without her. She was completely dedicated and went well beyond the call of duty.

‘I know only a little of Leading Edge and would not wish to make any comment except to say that I believe that they have acted in good faith. The challenge is now before them and the Kodak Express Group, who need to stand up and fully support their steering committee.

‘Time will tell the wisdom or otherwise of this decision,’ he concluded.

‘I’m leaving behind many great friends and colleagues but I’m determined not to lose touch with these great people. I wish them all well as they move ahead into new territory’ Ms Pickerill told Photo Counter.

She said she planned to take a short break before seeking a new role.

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