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IPS recruits K&L for southern states

April 13, 2011: IPS has appointed K&L Agencies – headed up by Kevin Cartlidge and his daughter, Linda Nakalevu – as sales agents handling the Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian markets.

Mr Cartlidge (pictured right) and Mrs Nakalevu (below right) bring a further 70 years experience in the photo industry to IPS, along with universal respect from customers and peers.

IPS managing director Stuart Holmes told Photo Counter that the original intention was to fill the role – created in response to the company’s growing client base in the southern states – with an in-house staff appointment.

‘Kevin convinced us that K & L was the superior alternative,’ he said. ‘The really ticked all the boxes and with their contacts across the three states and their knowledge of the photo business, they have already hit the ground running.’

He added that the response from clients was overwhelmingly positive.

‘Kevin and Linda have a reputation for doing what they undertake to do – they are true sales professionals!

‘They are very organised, efficient, thorough and very well known on the patch. We are absolutely delighted to have Kevin and Linda on board to represent IPS. They are exactly what we need.’

K&L started with IPS from the start of April and Mr Cartlidge said that so far they had been ‘welcomed with open arms’ by retailers they had called on, who were delighted that they would now have dedicated local sales representation from the Sydney-based independent specialist supplier.

Kevin Cartlidge has over 40 years experience in the Australian photographic industry, having worked in senior sales roles with Canon (Swift & Bleakly) and Playcorp (NCL) and as principal of BCS Photographics and co-director since 1993 of K&L Agencies.

Linda Nakalevu was worked in the photo industry for almost 30 years, with over 15 years managing minilabs and more recent experience at the wholesale end of the supply chain. She started at Photomail (owned by Pacific Labs) then moved to Photo Express and then Rabbit, eventually managing the chain’s top store and handling staff training.

K & L continues to represent Film & Video Extras, Randolph Frames, Koala Framing and Barcond Albums, along with affiliated agencies such as JW Frames and Grants Scrapbooking.

Kevin Cartlidge: 0412 996 223

Linda Nakalevu: 0412 137 530

Easter special offer from IPS!

IPS has a hot ‘Easter offer’ for customers ordering five cartons of paper and chemistry through the month of April. The offer includes Konica tablet chemistry and CPAC chemistry and both DNP and IPS ‘Fighting Paper. The special offer represents a discount of over 50 percent on list. The offer ends on April 31.

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