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GE launches first ‘projector-cam’

8 April 2011: Tasco has announced the GE PJ1, a new pocket-sized compact camera with a built-in projector that beams photos, videos and other multimedia content onto almost any surface.

The PJ1 utilises Texas Instruments’ DLP projector technology, which offers a contrast ratio of 300:1 to deliver strong whites and blacks and bold colours.

The projector features a 16:9 aspect ratio and delivers 15 Lumens of light, which in a darkened room will project an image up to 70 inches wide.

The GE PJ1 can also connect to a laptop for broadcasting business presentations, in addition to family snaps and other content. Focus is controlled by a sliding lever on the camera’s top, and the rechargeable li-ion battery delivers 70 minutes of projection time.

At just 21.2mm thick, GE claims bragging rights for the PJ1 as the world’s slimmest ‘projector-cam’.

The camera sports a 14 megapixel sensor, a 7x wide angle zoom lens (28-196mm) and features including automatic face recognition and exposure adjustment, smile and blink detection, red eye removal, pan-capture panorama and optical image stabilisation. There are more than 25 shooting modes to choose from.

It also also records 720p HD movies which can be instantly played back on the camera’s 3-inch high resolution LCD screen.

A charging base for the PJ1 can be used to stand the camera up during presentations and includes a concealed fan that cools the unit during prolonged use. The PJ1 comes with a remote control.

All this for an RRP of just $449. It will be available from selected photographic and departments stores from May.

‘It will be interesting to see how the market responds to the GE PJ1,’ said Stewart Pickersgill, general manager, Digital Camera Sales Division, Tasco Australia. ‘Conservative estimates have the pico projector market doubling in 2011 and we know people will continue to show strong demand for technologies which enable them to easily share user-generated content.

He added that the PJ1 attracted a lot of attention when it was first shown at photokina last September.

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