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Garage Brands introduces BRNO special-purpose lens caps

June 22, 2011: Garage Brands will launch another new photo accessory brand in Australia this month: BRNO special-purpose lens caps.

Garage Brands will be demonstrating the BRNO baLens white balance lens cap (pictured right) and the BRNO dri+Cap dehumidifying lens cap system on its stand (#533) at the Imaging and Entertainment Expo at Darling Harbour this week (June 24 – 26)

Perfect white balance instantly

The baLens is a snap-on lens cap with a removable translucent dome in the centre.

By simply placing the cap on the lens, pointing the camera at the light source and doing a manual white balance, superior colour correction is easily attained under any lighting conditions. With the baLens Lens Cap the camera adjusts to a correct custom white balance based on the actual colour temperature of the light source.

The baLens ‘changes the way a camera sees colour’. The patent-pending baLens White Balance Lens Cap system comes with interchangeable neutral and warm filters to cover the most challenging lighting environments – so instead of tedious post capture adjustment at the desktop, white balance is immediately correct ‘in camera’, allowing the photographer to concentrate on the more creative aspects of image capture.

The dome-shaped filter allows for very accurate measurement of colour temperature under mixed light source conditions. The warm dome is included for achieving natural skin tones in portraits or an overall warmer effect in photos.

The baLens comes in the most common diameters to suit a broad range of popular lenses.

Avoid moisture damage

The delicate electronics in digital cameras and lenses can be easily – and permanently – damaged by exposure to moisture. Even the condensation that can occur by going from a cool room to a hot outdoors, or a cold winter day into a heated house can create condensation on a lens or in a camera.

This moisture can lead to fungus or mould damage over time. Humid environments are equally a problem.

To solve the problem of humidity and moisture control, BRNO has developed the unique dri+Cap protective system that maintains camera bodies and lenses at the proper relative humidity of 35 to 45 percent.

This is accomplished via a colour indicating silica gel in a special packet that does not shed particles.

The packet is placed in a chamber in the rear of each dri+Cap. The chamber has an O ring to keep the cap sealed, and prevent the packet from absorbing moisture when the cap is not on the lens. When attached the dri+Cap has another O ring to keep moisture out of the camera body or lens and to allow the packet to absorb whatever moisture the lens or body has been exposed to.

The dri+Cap is supplied in a set for either Canon or Nikon camera bodies and lenses. Each kit includes a dri+Cap body cap and a dri+Cap rear lens cap plus 8 foil sealed packs of the BRNO colour indicating silica gel.

BRNO lens caps will be on Garage Brand’s Stand 533 at the Imaging and Entertainment Expo, along with products from Gary Fong (who will be in attendance at the show), another new line in mod camera straps, and Digital Foci digtial display and storage products. For more information, visit

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