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Extra cover at no cost from Phototechnical

April 7, 2010: Extended warranty specialist Phototechnical is running an end-of-financial-year campaign for the months of May and June, giving every purchaser of an extended warranty an extra year of cover at no cost.

The ‘Extra Year’ campaign is a repeat of the successful Christmas and New Year promotion which resulted in more than double the dollar value of warranty sales versus previous years.

Ron McKnight, managing director of Phototechnical, told Photo Counter that the objective of the campaign is to assist retailers by creating a product demand and driving prospective camera-plus-warranty purchasers to participating camera stores.

This was being done, Ron said, by the distribution of tens of thousands of ‘Extra Year’ vouchers as inserts in leading camera magazines. Photo Review and Australian Photography will between them account for at least 20,000 vouchers. (Increasing immediacy, Photo Review is on sale at all Camera House, Ted’s and Paxtons outlets in addition to newsagencies.)

Vouchers are also being distributed nationally to participating camera stores, and ‘Extra Year’ campaign POS posters are available in electronic format so that they can be tailored to suit the outlet. McKnight said stores should order vouchers early to avoid delays in supply.

‘If you think about it, an extended warranty is a just about the perfect product for a camera store,’ he said. ‘It fits all cameras, never gets superseded by a new model at half the price, does not need to be carried in stock, returns a good profit margin, and the customer pays you before you have to pay Phototechnical!

‘Now that’s a bit of a contrast with your average camera or accessory! Stock costs you a fortune, new models keep appearing, profit margins are shrinking and you compete with huge national retail chains with enormous buying power and advertising clout.’

Phototechnical is promoting its ‘Extra Year’ campaign direct to prospective camera purchasers to encourage them to go to a participating specialist camera retailer to buy a camera and extended warranty.

Call Phototechnical (Ron McKnight) on 1800 63 43 22 for further details, or if you would like to participate.

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