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Costco opts for DNP dry technology

Costco has installed the DNP Fotolusio dry-sub print system in its Canberra (Majura Park) and Sydney (Auburn) stores, moving away from the Fujifilm Frontier system in the initial Melbourne warehouse outlet.

The small-footprint Fotolusio NL 2000 dry minilab incorporates up to four DNP dye-sub printers.

JA Davey, local distributor of DNP dry printing equipment, is Costco’s supplier for equipment and DNP dye-transfer paper.

(IPS is authorised Australian distributor for DNP Centurion silver halide paper.)

JA Davey also supplies other brands to Costco, including Omron blood pressure monitors.

JA Davey product manager, Photographics, Jon McBriar, said Costco decided on Fotolusio because the initial harware cost was attractive, and less labour is required on an on-going basis to operate the system. The equipment was installed in July.

The small-footprint Fotolusio NL 2000 dry minilab incorporates up to four DNP dye-sub printers. In the Costco installations these comprise three 6×4 inch DS Series printers (with a combined maximum output of 750 prints per hour) and an 8×12-inch unit, which also prints on 6×8 and 8×10 sheets.

The NL 2000 is supported in Costco Sydney and Canberra by four DNP DST-3 kiosks running PNI software.

The price of a 6×4 print at Costco is 12 cents, which Mr McBriar said fits in with the Costco model in which it seeks a margin of around 10 percent on sales.

Mr McBriar said that other than the big Costco installations, JA Davey was working with increasing numbers of pharmacists, who were gravitating to DNP’s easy-to-use standalone kiosk/printers for photo prints and high-margin passport photos.

The arrival of cut-price competitors in pharmacy had encouraged independent pharmacies to seek other revenue streams – resulting in a return to photo services.

For more information on the DNP Fotolusio system, click here.

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