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Canon cordens off warranty support for ANZ

September 1, 2011: Canon has announced the introduction of region-limited warranties for Canon interchangeable lenses, Speedlites and IS binoculars for Australia and New Zealand.

Effective today, this change – from international to local warranty – follows on from an across-the-board local price reductions for Canon photographic products in August and the launch on Monday of a Canon retailing website. Canon says these initiatives are designed to ‘attract consumer attention locally’ in the new globalised marketplace for photographic products.

Purchasers from overseas sources will be either directed back to their point of purchase to pursue warranty service at the country of origin, or offered service by Canon for a repair fee, as is the case with out-of-warranty repairs.

‘With consumers now having product sourced from overseas among their choices, this move will provide another added benefit to purchasing locally…’

‘We’re adapting to the rapidly changing business environment in many ways and we recognise the importance of allowing retailers to provide consumers who purchase locally the confidence of first-class warranty service as part of their value offering,’ said Brydie York, general manager – Sales & Customer Leadership, Canon Consumer Imaging, Canon Australia (pictured above right).

‘With consumers now having product sourced from overseas among their choices, this move will provide another added benefit to purchasing locally, while also enabling us to manage a high-quality, sustainable service business.’

Effective from today, the local warranty is valid only for Canon products that are distributed by Canon Australia Pty Ltd or Canon New Zealand Ltd. Canon products distributed by other Canon Group companies similarly offer warranties that are limited to their respective regions.

While professional-grade products are also covered by region-limited warranties, qualifying users of these products can avail themselves of product support overseas through the international Canon Professional Services program.

The local warranty provision for these products is now in line with DSLR camera bodies, digital compact cameras and digital video cameras, which have already been region-limited.

‘This move to align warranty provision for all digital camera products will eliminate any confusion from both a consumer and a retailer perspective and, given the growth forecasts for digital camera products, allow us to cater more effectively to the service needs of our market,’ said Ms York.

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