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BRIEFS: April 14

They’ve nailed it!

Photo Counter couldn’t resist reporting on the ArtPro Nail Printer, which we read about in Don Franz’ International Photo Imaging News.

The small all-in-one device can decorate either artificial or natural nails with a wide selection of built-in clip art and designs, or going one step further, the nail-owner can import their own images via phone, memory card or USB stick.

In addition, there’s a built-in camera and lights so that the truly narcissistic can have their own passport-style image applied to their fingernails (or toenails, for that matter). The whole process takes about three minutes.

The ArtPro NailPrinter uses an HP inkjet printer. Once the nails are printed a few coats of nail lacquer are applied for durability.

The device is supported by a 12-inch interactive colour display accompanied by audio instructions.

The machine has full auto and manual adjustments and is priced at US$1049.

To have the first ArtPro Nail Printer in the country, click here.

A belter bracelet

…And coming at photo-based bodily embellishment from a totally different angle we have the Lens Bracelet.. (Pic credit: Colin Hughes)

Designed by US professional photographer, Adam Elmakias, the silicone bracelet resembles a portion of a lens barrel. It comes in either black or white. Lens information such as focal length and and AF/MF switches are embossed in white (black for the white bracelet), with the bracelets passing scrutiny of fellow photo enthusiasts in terms of accuracy and detail.

The range features the embossed lettering and lens grip ridges that replicate actual lenses. The wristbands are available in two different base styles and focal lengths of 50mm, 35mm, 85mm, 14-24mm, 17-40mm, 24-70mm, 24-105mm and 70-200mm.

In an initiative to help those affected by the recent disaster in Japan, 50 percent of proceeds from the sale of the Pro Japan (70-200) bracelet will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Initially used as a promotional tool for his photography business, Mr Elmakia now ships his wristbands to over 50 countries worldwide. Lens Bracelets can be can be yours for US$10.00 a piece. Click here.

Lifepics innovations

LifePics local agent, Photo Direct has announced the release of two new innovations designed to provide more business for Lifepics affiliates.

First is the release of a mobile phone app for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Photo Direct says this is particularly relevant as Microsoft has placed a lot of emphasis on camera performance in developing the new operating system.

The free app allows people to order photos from either their phone’s library or their online account directly from the phone. Orders are for pick-up and pay, in store only.

The app is the latest to emerge from the Lifepics OPEN program, which was launched last year as a way to drive orders to retailers from wherever digital photos are stored and shared. Lifepics also has iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook apps.

The second innovation announced by Lifepics is the ability for retailers to separate their pay-in-store settings for app orders and online orders. According to Photo Direct’s Steuart Meers, this feature gives retailers more flexibility on how they tailor Lifepics to their own business needs, without missing out on more ways to capture more images.

The changes allow retailers to designate whether they will allow customers to pay in store for online orders and set a maximum order amount, as well as to designate whether they will allow customers to pay in store for orders placed through mobile apps. For more information contact Photo Direct.

Photo Merchant reverses online trend

While most online business seems to be flowing from there to here, Australian-based PhotoMerchant has reversed the trend by partnering with leading US professional colour lab Burrell Imaging ‘to make life easier for photographers across the USA’ with its ‘Direct Fulfillment’ service.

PhotoMerchant partners with NuLab in Australia and has helped that business establish a flourishing online ordering business.

The Direct Fulfillment service saves photographers time by sending customer online orders directly to Burrell Imaging for printing and shipping.

Direct Fulfillment streamlines the ordering process by automating a task which has previously been a time consuming responsibility for photographers.

Each time orders are made on the photographer’s website, they will receive a notification requesting their approval. Once approval is given, the order is electronically delivered to Burrell, from where it will be printed and sent directly to the customer.

Products available through the Direct Fulfilment service include photographic prints, canvases, print wraps and mounted products, including gator board, styrene and lightweight wood mounts, all in a range of sizes.

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