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Vale: Damian Martin Coyne, 1951 – 2010

Damian Coyne started dealing with CR Kennedy through our Brisbane office way back in the 1980s.

In the mid 1990s Damian purchased a store in Darwin and revolutionised the way that business was done there. Damian created a modern store that had competitive prices and looked fresh and inviting. During those early days in Darwin, business increased greatly.

Damian formed a close bond with Geoff Milton, our previous state manager in South Australia and during those early years Pentax became the dominant brand in Damian’s store. Shortly afterwards Damian opened new stores in Mitchell Street and also in Casuarina, with all of them promoting photography in the Top End.

Our sales representatives always enjoyed visiting Damian and were made to feel welcome whenever visits were arranged. Damian always had time to talk and enjoyed nothing better than a quiet cup of tea over a chat about business, or about his other interests, such as flying and his days in the police force.

In more recent years Damian’s son Michael took over the Smith Street Mall store and continued to build on the success that his father had started. Damian continued to run the Casuarina store and it was always a pleasure for our representatives to catch up when in town.

Damian was a man with a great passion for business and in his passing we all have lost a friend who can never be replaced.

– Malcolm Kennedy, CR Kennedy & Co. (September 10).

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