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Upgrade ‘future-proofs’ Leica S lens purchases

May 27, 2010: Leica is offering to upgrade owners of Leica S series lenses to new central shutter versions of the same lens when they become available.

Customers pay only the difference between the price of their lens and the corresponding CS lens model. The purchasing price of the lens presented for exchange is subtracted from the price of the CS lens without any deductions for wear and tear.

The program gives Leica S2 owners (and just as importantly prospective owners) the opportunity to exploit all the benefts of the dual shutter capabilities of the new camera system: They can work with an S2 and lens combination, and as soon as the CS equivalent is available, simply exchange their used lens for the new CS version of the lens.

The trade-up program is available to existing customers who already own S lenses as well as to new customers who purchase a lens before September 2010. Owners need to register their existing lens on the Leica S-System website.

Further information is available in the owners’ area of the Leica website or by contacting Adeal Sales on 1300 723 001.

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