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Two wet, one dry lab from Fujifilm

September 29, 2010: Fujifilm showed two compact, high resolution wet labs – the Digital Minilab Frontier LP5700R and LP5500R, and a high speed inkjet printer, the Frontier Dry Minilab DL600 at Photokina.

Features of the new wet minilabs are:
– Compact size (a footprint of only 1.2 square metres);
– High output (up to 2040 sheets per hour);
– High-speed processing technology (dry to dry in only 82 seconds);
– Easy handling chemical system;
– 12-inch print capability;

The new models are also equipped with Fujifilm’s MS software, a workflow management software that enables further system expansion, and Fujifilm’s proprietary image processing technology, Image Intelligence, which together allow customers to order high-resolution prints of their digital images.

The MS software also enables retail photo shops to consolidate orders from multiple order terminals and film scanners, and transfer orders to each printer, including Fujifilm’s thermal photo printer, large-format inkjet printers and other output devices.

The Fujifilm Frontier Dry Minilab DL600 is equipped with an exclusive inkhead developed to handle five inks, with the same ink consumption per unit area as the four-coloured inks of the existing DL series.

Fujifilm also accompanied the inkjet printer release with the announcement of a full range of Fujifilm Quality Inkjet Paper, which Fuji says has been specially developed to maximise the new ink set.

The DL600 features a 720dpi mode for regular printing, and a 1440dpi high quality print mode.

It’s worth noting that here that the new Noritsu D1005HR (both printers are manufactured by Noritsu) has a couple of differences from the DL600 beyond software (and price!): Noritsu has stayed with its four colour system. It will be interesting to compare prints from the new Fujifuilm and Noritsu machines. The other difference is speed – the Noritsu can produce 950 prints per hours, while the DL600 maxes out at 650 prints per hour.

The DL600 offers outstanding space saving with operations possible both at the front and one side of the printer. The width of the paper roll is less than six inches and extends to 180 metres (591 feet) in length, and the ink cartridge capacity has been increased to 700ml per cartridge, further reducing the need to change consumables. In addition, setting different types of paper and checking the condition of the printer have been further simplified with the addition of an operation panel on the front of the printer.

The DL600 is also able to handle paper sizes of up to 12 inches.

Features summary:
– Print sizes from 3.5×5-inch to a maximum of 12×48-inch;
– 650 sheets per hour (4×6 at 720dpi);
– Automatic nozzle check function;
– Double roll paper loading facility;
– Sorter capacity for up to ten orders;
– Five coloured inks in C/M/Y/LB/K, with each cartridge having a 700ml capacity;
– New inkjet paper in both Glossy and Lustre (4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch widths with 180 metre lengths; 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch widths with 100 metre lengths).

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