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‘Power in a bag’ from ProFoto

May 24, 2010: L&P has announced June availability of a versatile new portable lighting unit from ProFoto, the BatPac.

The BatPac is a portable ‘power-in-a-bag’ unit, the combination of a dedicated inverter and a high capacity battery. It gives you power for Profoto D1 monolights when there’s no access to a mains socket.. It delivers 300 full power D1 flashes at 1000Ws, 600 full power flashes at 500Ws, etc. It is primarily designed for handling sophisticated high power units like Profoto’s D1 flashes, but can also be used with previous Profoto ComPact units and Acute2 flash generators as well.

The BatPac has advanced safety functions and is very easy to use. It delivers power with exceptional stability. It controls overvoltage, over temperature, low power, low battery voltage etc, preventing damage to the BatPac and connected flash units.

The Profoto BatPac complies with CE and IEC safety requirements. It gives up to 600W continuous power from two integrated separate mains outlets.

The BatPac has all the other benefits of a well-engineered power inverter: It can provide power for charging your laptop, camera batteries and more. It can run constant light sources, wind machines, refrigerator boxes and many more electrical units that are frequently used while shooting on location.

A sturdy and comfortable black nylon bag with shoulder strap and harness is integrated into the design.

Charging time is 8 hours with the Profoto Charger 2A. Battery life is 300 charge cycles with 50 percent battery capacity left.

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