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Pocket-sized, $250 movie/still hybrid from Samsung

November 15, 2010: Samsung has announced a new pocket-sized, full HD camcorder, with a 270-degree rotating lens and built-in USB.

The new camera joins the growing number of competitors to the Cisco Flip, which retailers report are one of the bright spots in camera sales this season.

The HMX-E10 features a large, high-performance 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor that captures 1920×1080 Full HD resolution video (30p / H.264) as well as eight megapixel digital still images. On the back of the camcorder is a 2.7-inch vertical LCD touch screen, which allows you to select menu options to edit or control the content. The camcorder’s 270-degree lens can be swivelled directly from the menu bar to put yourself in the frame and become part of the action. Footage can be viewed in widescreen by holding the HMX-E10 horizontally.

The HMX-E10 makes sharing your videos with others easy, with a built-in USB port function. This allows you to connect the camcorder directly to any computer without added attachments like a USB cable. The USB connection can also be used to directly charge the built-in battery.

The camcorder is loaded with Samsung’s play-edit-sharing program, called Intelli-studio. This program gives you the ability to edit and play your video from any computer without having to install supporting software – handy when you’re on the road or away from your personal computer.

An interactive and onscreen ‘upload’ button on the HMX-E10 also makes uploading footage to the Web easy. When connected to a computer with an internet connection, the one-touch ‘upload’ button links directly to a specified content sharing website, such as YouTubeTM, and reduces the number of steps needed to successfully upload and share video.

The supplied battery will run for 90 minutes of Full HD video, and the camcorder (with battery) weighs just 88 grams.

The Samsung HMX-E10 is available now for $249 (RRP)

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