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Online lessons from Michaels

March 31, 2010: Melbourne-based Michaels Camera Video and Digital has added to its extensive in-house photo education program with a well-produced series of online lessons – free to all Australians keen to improve their picture-taking skills.

Website address is:

The new ‘Digital 1-to-1’ section of Michael’s website (screenshot pictured right) comprises short videos, around 4 – 6 minutes long, which tackle the basics of digital photography – composition, camera controls, using flash, making prints, shooting sports, etc, and moving into more advanced areas such as using reflectors, understanding ISO ratings and interpreting histogram data.

The list of topics is constantly expanding, with new modules added each month. Digital 1-to-1 is exclusive to Michaels in Australia, and genuinely free of charge or obligation – Michaels doesn’t even ask you to offer up your email address or other personal details.

The lessons are also free of product promotion or sponsorship.

The creators and presenters of Digital 1-to-1, Santino Zafarana and Ken Pivak, have a combined 60 years experience as photographers and teachers.

‘Photography is important to so many people because it captures all aspects of life. A few simple learned techniques can easily transform a photo from a simple record to an image that you can be really proud of,’ said Michaels managing director, Peter Michael.

‘It is not about needing a better camera or extra gear, it is about simple things you can do to get more from your camera.

‘Photography has been a significant part of our business for more than 90 years. Our online lessons will allow anybody interested in taking better pictures to do so, and in addition, if these lessons spark a photographic passion, we also offer a comprehensive range of camera and video classes with experienced teachers.

‘Our online lessons are simply our way of giving back to the community which has supported us.’

Michaels also runs a Media School at its Elizabeth St, Melbourne lecture theatre, with experienced teachers taking students through a wide variety of classes, including photo excursions around the city of Melbourne.

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