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NZ tour for Noritsu inkjet

April 20, 2010: Noritsu is taking its D1005 roadshow over to New Zealand next week, with visits to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The Noritsu D1005 duplex inkjet photo printer’s features include:
– 950 prints per hour and up to 3800 prints without changing paper;
– Print sizes up to 12 x 26-inches;
– Support for roll and sheet paper;
– Double and single-sided printing;
– Dual two-lane magazines for flexible paper configuration;
– Automatic order sorting;
– LED lights used on 12-order print sorter to flag interrupted orders (feature pictured above right).

The Noritsu machine is a competitor to the HP ML1000D (1500 prints per hour, maximum 12 x 18-inch print size) but the Noritsu, at $50,000, is around half the price of the HP unit.

As well as the 12-inch duplex Noritsu D1005 inkjet printer, the company will be showing the CT-RS kiosk, which includes a built-in receipt printer and is available in countertop and standalone configurations. Increasing its verrsatility, the kiosk accept RAW image files.

IPS will be accompanying Noritsu ‘across the pond’ and demonstrating its You Frame canvas mounting system and Premier art canvas and coatings.

Thumbs up for first Australasian instal

Horsham Camera House is the first retailer in Australia and New Zealand to install a D1005, and store manager, Daniel McFarlane, says they are extremely pleased with its performance and the quality of output.

‘We would recommend it to anyone looking for an inkjet solution,’ he said. ‘It does a lot of the things more expensive machines will do.’

Maintenance was a matter of turning the machine on in the morning and making a few adjustments, then emptying the trim bin every now and again.

‘That’s as hard as it gets,’ he said. He added that customers haven’t noticed the switch to dry prints, and the management and staff are also very happy with the quality and colour accuracy of the prints they are making for those customers.

They continue to run a Konica R2, with the Noritsu machine used for ‘instant’ orders.

He said price per print – purely in paper and consumables terms, and not including factors like power and labour – was 10 cents for the D1005 and around 6 cents for a ‘wet’ print.

Noritsu NZ Roadshow

April 26 – 27, Barrycourt Motel
Monday April 26: 11am – 8pm
Tuesday April 27: 10am to 5pm

April 29 – 30, Mercure Hotel Terraces (Ascot Room)
Wednesday April 29: 11am to 8pm
Thursday April 30: 10am to 5pm

May 3 – 4, Rydges Hotel
Monday, May 3: 11am to 8pm
Tuesday, May 4: 10am to 1pm

To arrange an appointment, call (from NZ): 0061 412 215 063

To view a short video demonstration of the Noritsu D1005, click here.

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