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Nikon supports AIPP development program

June 29, 2010: Nikon Australia is supporting the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) in its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program.

The ‘AIPP Nikon CPD’ (‘AIPPNCPD’?) offers AIPP members a program to ‘maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills’.

The AIPP says that participation is a commitment to being professional, keeping up to date and continuously seeking to improve personal skill sets.
The program will provide training, education and information in five core areas which are designed to improve members’ skills in operating as a professional photographer:

1. Photographic Input – lighting, camera control, composition, photographic best practice and new techniques.
2. Photographic Output – print techniques & printed delivery, online delivery, colour management, video and audio visual delivery.
3. Photographic Workflow – post production techniques, software manipulation, digital asset management (DAM), workflow tools and techniques.
4. Business Management – marketing, financial management, accounting, record keeping, OH&S requirements, web optimisation and business compliance.
5. Personal Development – goal setting, motivation, time management, communication skills, stress management and personal effectiveness.

By participating in the AIPP Nikon CPD program members can attain the status of ‘Accredited Professional Photographer’, signifying that an AIPP member has not only passed an assessment of their photographic skills, but also is ‘current, up-to-date, educated and informed on all matters affecting professional photography’.

‘Nikon firmly believe in ensuring the continued development of the imaging industry, particularly through learning and development. We are proud to be associated with this program that will ensure that an AIPP accredited photographer is the reference point for excellence,’ said Nikon Professional Business marketing manager, Craig Gillespie.

‘We are proud to launch this innovative program with the help of Nikon. Our goal is to ensure that through the CPD program we can guarantee to the public that an AIPP accredited professional photographer has all the skill and knowledge necessary to practice as a professional photographer in this modern era,’ said AIPP executive officer, Peter Myers.

The AIPP website indicates that more details on the CPD program will be posted shortly. Currently there are no details on launch date or costs to participate.

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