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New 80-meg back from Leaf

October 5, 2010: L&P Digital Photographic has announced pending local availability of the Leaf Aptus-II 12 and Aptus-II 12R, ‘the highest resolution, most versatile digital camera backs ever made’.

The new full- frame, medium format, 80-megapixel CCD sensor measures 53.7 x 40.3mm, providing the ability to record the finest detail, and eliminating the need to use cumbersome multi-shot solutions. The sensor has a remarkable 12 f-stops of dynamic range, providing superior detail, richness and colour, low noise, and striking highlights.

On the Leaf Aptus-II 12R you can change from landscape to portrait orientation with a simple turn of the Leaf Verto internal sensor rotation dial – the camera remains upright while only the sensor rotates.

Capture speed is under 1.5 seconds per frame.

The Leaf Aptus-II features a bright 6 x 7cm touch screen, enabling you to check shots under all kinds of challenging lighting conditions, both in-studio and outside, as well as offering a wide range of on-screen functions.

Leaf Aptus-II backs are compatible with over 80 medium and large format cameras, including view cameras, wide-angle optics and tilt-and-shift movements, and Leaf RAW files can be opened in many leading workflow applications.

The Leaf RAW files are natively supported by Apple Mac OS X, for full access in Aperture, Finder thumbnails, Cover Flow, iPhoto as well as many other applications.

Lossless 16-bit file compression accelerates file handling without loss of image quality. Wireless preview allows you, your client, or an art director to preview shots during the shoot on an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Designed expressly to maximize productivity with Leaf camera backs, the latest Leaf Capture software is the professional photographer’s tool to quickly and easily move from image capture to print.

In addition, photographers will be able to leverage the unique features and workflow environment of Phase One’s Capture One workflow software. Future versions of Capture One will comprise a synergy of the best features from both the Capture One and Leaf Capture products to offer photographers more workflow options.

Word from L&P is that the new Leaf backs will be shipping in November, with an ex-GST price of around $34K.

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