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‘LiveView’ remote control unit from Haldex

October 27, 2010: Haldex has announced November release of the Hahnel Inspire Wireless LiveView Remote Control unit with a built-in CMOS camera and 3.5-inch LCD screen.

The colour LCD on the hand-held transmitter displays a LiveView image independent of the DSLR.

‘Live’ images can be viewed from up to 60 metres away from the camera, enabling the photographer to take the perfect photo at exactly the right time.

Haldex says the remote control unit is ideal for wildlife, sport and where there are safety hazards near the subject.

If the DSLR lens is set in a close-up zoom, the built-in CMOS camera in the Inspire receiver is a separate,convenient wide-angle LiveView allowing the photographer to monitor the scene prior to switching to zoomed-in DSLR LiveView to take the shot.

A built-in phono socket allows easy connection with the camera AV output (using the AV cable supplied with camera).

Cameras which do not have an AV output or LiveView feature can still be used. The built-in CMOS camera on the receiver sends a Live View of the camera scene to the LCD on the handheld transmitter.

The Inspire saves up to 99 images for playback independent of the camera.

It will enable the photographer to control 4 different receivers connected to 4 different DSLRs, switching between the LiveView scene of each camera from the transmitter at the touch of a button. While one camera is controlled the other receivers go into sleep mode, conserving power.

The Inspire can be powered with AA Alkaline batteries (8xAA included), or for more power, rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries can also be used. A built-in mini-USB socket offers unlimited additional power direct from a laptop, or AC/DC adaptor, or even a small solar power unit.

The Hahnel Inspire will carry an RRP of around $349.

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