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Lifepics increases template options

July 13, 2010: LifePics has announced the launch of its new template engine which it says ‘raises the standard on how online template engines perform’.

The new engine offers consumers the widest selection of templated products available, according to LifePics, and includes numerous customisation options for each template.
‘While building this new template engine we really put ourselves in the consumers’ shoes and developed creative new features that we know people wanted but couldn’t find anywhere online,’ said Ken McDonald, vice-president , Marketing, for LifePics.

Products available to consumers range from traditional greeting cards to multi-image scrapbook pages, borders, collages, gift tags, and much more in multiple sizes. The manipulating options for images have been vastly enhanced, including new options for cropping, converting to black and white or sepia, rotating and zooming.

‘I’ve played on most other template engines out there and this new LifePics innovation is way ahead in its functionality and flexibility.’ said Steuart Meers, at LifePics’ local distributor, Photo Direct.

‘Our existing customers, including Ted’s, will immediately enjoy the benefits of this new development.’

Photo Direct is the Australia and New Zealand partner of LifePics. Using LifePics’ technology, photofinishers and professional photographers are able to accept orders from consumers via the Internet and send those orders directly to a photofinishing lab that is most convenient to the consumer. LifePics is an open solution that works with a variety of photo software providers and website technologies.

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