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Kodak consumer AgX supplies now direct from APS

July 1, 2010: APS Pty Ltd has assumed the role of distributor for Kodak consumer paper and chemistry in Australia from today, July 1.

Until now Kodak has been using agency arrangements with its partners, to manage the supply chain to its mainly specialist retailer paper and chemistry customer base.

Under the new simplified arrangements, APS warehouses consumer paper and chemistry in its air-conditioned outer-Melbourne warehouse and distributes and invoices direct to customers.

‘It’s a win for APS, for customers and for Kodak too,’ said APS managing director, Rob Dessmann. ‘As far as taking orders, nothing has changed – it’s a seamless change for the customer.’

Dessmann said that one of the many positive changes from the direct distribution structure is that Kodak customers are likely to enjoy shorter delivery times via the APS warehouse.

‘In most cases orders will be supplied faster,’ he said. ‘If we get an order before 2pm it will usually be despatched the same day, not next day. ‘

He said that as APS is already directly supplying other Kodak products, there were likely to be greater efficiencies in many facets of the total order cycle.

‘One delivery, one invoice,’ he said.

At this stage paper and chemistry pricing would remain the same, but Dessmann indicated that the efficiencies achieved through the simplified distribution structure could lead to other benefits to customers beyond faster service and service levels from APS which were ‘up there with the best of them’.

Kodak will continue to directly distribute pro paper and chemistry.

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