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Industry honours Dave Marshall

June 10, 2010: Dave Marshall, managing director of Fujifilm Australia, has been awarded the photo industry’s highest accolade: the PICA Gold Tripod.

Presented by the Photo Imaging Council of Australia (PICA), the Gold Tripod award recognises those individuals prepared to work with competing companies for the good of the industry. (Pic courtesy Alan Logue, Hutt St Photos)

The award was decided via a ‘consensus of his peers’ explained PICA executive director, Paul Curtis.

This is the first time the award has been made to a person while actually serving as PICA president.

‘..It was made to recognise Dave’s outstanding contribution to the industry when it was first faced with the challenge of the change to the digital format,’ states the PICA press release.

‘Dave Marshall lead a team of senior management from the major brands on a road show around Australia to meet with dealers and discuss with them the likely impact digital would have on the industry.

‘For more than 10 years, Dave has been active within the industry and PMA to help face the challenges that the inevitable commoditisation of photography would bring.

‘The content of his remarks has always been hard hitting and very direct and at times one that not all wanted to hear.

‘But it is generally recognised within the industry,’ the release continued, ‘that Dave’s drive and foresight has helped propel the Australian photo retail scene into becoming a world leader in digital image printing.

‘In accepting the Gold Tripod award, Dave Marshall thanked his support team and family and confessed his passion for the photo industry,’ the release concluded.

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