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Fujifilm re-launches instant prints

December 14, 2010: Fujifilm Australia has announced two new instant film cameras, the Instax Mini 7S and Instax 210.

Instax instant colour films for the 7S are fast – ISO800 – and produce credit-card-sized prints (6.2×4.6cm image area).

The Instax 210 is a ‘commercial grade’ instant camera that uses Fujifilm Instax Wide Instant Colour Film (ISO 800) to produce colour images in a wide picture format (6.2×9.9cm).

It has automatic adjusting flash, a high resolution retracting lens, close-up lens adapter and large, clear viewfinder. It incorporates a programmed electronic shutter, two range selectable shooting options and an LCD control panel displaying focal distance and film count.

RRP for the Instax Mini 7S is $163.90 (white only), while the Instax 210 is $176 (black only).

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