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Eastmon launches new consumer canvas site

Eastmon Online Pty Ltd has launched a new online business under the trading name Fabness (, to compete in the canvas print market in time for Christmas.
Eastmon Online is part of the Eastmon Group, which also includes the Photo Create fulfilment centre in Glenn Innes. Earlier this month Eastmon announced it was closing its six remaining retail outlets in northern NSW to focus on online.

In addition to the new Fabness site, Photo Create operates a B2B website, Business Direct, offering photo gifting products to pro labs, non-photo businesses and fund-raising groups.

The new Fabness business offers consumers a software tool to preview images ‘in a range of living room, nursery, bedroom, kitchen or dining environments before choosing to purchase’

Consumers can use their own image files or purchase images from the Fabness online, royalty-free ‘Art Market’.

Canvas creations can consist of either single images or multiple images in single or multiple frames. Once an image or series of images are uploaded to the Fabness website they can be viewed ‘in situ’ in a range of typical wall décor environments. Using the tool is easy and relatively fast, and the effect is quite realistic and compelling. Fabness says it is a unique feature of its offer.

‘The Fabness Canvas Design Tool lets you mix and match multiple canvas pieces, incorporate a range of optional effects and finishes, plus select from different wrap options to complete the look around the frame,’ explained Lisa Tinetti, Fabness marketing manager (also credited as sales and marketing manager, Consumer Markets, on the Photo Create website.)

Prices range from $79 (30 x 45cm) through to $479 or more for a 100 x 150cm canvas print. Orders are turned around in 5 – 10 days.

‘Fabness is so user friendly that you can create your own unique masterpiece in the comfort of your own home in just minutes,’ Tinetti said.

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