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Dakis to launch in Australia

April 15, 2010: Canadian-based photo retailing software specialist Dakis will inject some much-needed competition into the somewhat stitched up local market when it arrives in Australia in June.

‘We’re pretty excited to be heading to Australia,’ Dakis customer relationship manager, Patricia Hugron told Photo Counter. ‘This was not in our original business plan, but our name somehow got around to a few key players and since then we’ve been getting a steady stream of inquiries.’

Dakis will be at the PMA show in Melbourne, June 4 – 6.

The company offers a modular suite of software applications ideally suited to smaller retailers seeking to maintain independence, and control of their operations.

The suite includes:

Online Photominator (online print ordering)
-Easy streamlined ordering process;
-Quick photo loading at the start of the process translating in larger orders;
-Compatible with PC, Mac and all browsers;
-Only (US)$0.03 per file (not per print), no setup or upgrade fee, monthly minimum or yearly fee.

Online Photo Factory (photo gifting products)
-Create greeting cards, invitations, collages, photo gifts, photo books and more;
-Create your own templates (no programming required) or select from those offered by Dakis.

In-store photo kiosk
-One account allowing you to manage and offer your photo products online and in-store;
-Hardware Independent, use a fancy touch screen computer or a basic budget desktop;
-Provide your customers with the same experience in-store and online;
-Automatic updates allowing you to always have the latest and best version therefore providing the best shopping experience for customers;
-Lowest total cost to operate.

WebStore (camera and accessory sales)
-Click & Sell: Comes complete with detailed structured product information and product images;
-No programming required;
-Best shopping features made standard – electronic product catalogue, complete product spec sheet, automated smart accessory suggestions, comparison shopping, dynamic parametric search,
integrated shopping cart, promotions and coupons module.

Managed website
-Professional website, no programming required;
-Focus on selling and marketing.

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