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Casio re-enters the fray

October 7, 2010: Casio has re-entered the Australian camera market via distributor Shriro, and has said it will be focussing on the specialist channel and duty free outlets to retail the range, rather than more generalist CE outlets.

Casio had been distributed through Hagemeyer for some years, but the range was dropped over 12 months ago. Shriro has been distributing other Casio products such as watches and music keyboards since the 1980s.

Tim Hargreaves, general manager of sales and marketing for Casio, said Casio cameras lent themselves to the specialist channel because some features and benefits were difficult to communicate to consumers via packaging or sales staff without good product knowledge. He mentioned Camera House specifically as a retailing group Casio wanted to work with.

These features include high speed, 40 frames per second image capture and Casio’s own long life battery technology, which enables the cameras to take up to 1000 images on a single full charge.

Shriro announced three new Casio Exilim cameras at its launch this week. The Casio EX-H20G (RRP $599) will be offered exclusively through the duty free channel.

Casio is pitching this 14-megapixel, 10x zoom camera as the ‘world’s first camera combining GPS with motion-sensor driven autonomic positioning’.

Also new at launch were a new ‘ruggedized’ camera model, the EX-G1 (RRP $399 – pictured above right), the EX-FH100 (RRP $549) and the EX-H15 (RRP $399).

Casio also announced the appointment of Paul Beaton as the new national sales manager for Casio digital cameras.

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