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Canon kicks in for consumer kick-start

December 8, 2010:  Canon has invested a total of $5 million in the fourth quarter of this year across a range of sales and marketing initiatives ‘to help boost consumer spending and retail sales value.’

The company’s Christmas campaign has so far seen $267,000 in cash giveaways awarded and 38 of 52 seats aboard the Jet experience with Canon claimed by consumers. Moreover, in response to increased retail sales pressure the company has increased its investment in print advertising in the last weeks of Christmas shopping.

‘We’re seeing a level of pressure being experienced by our retail partners in what is typically the strongest quarter of the year. We remain agile and attentive to the market and our commitment to investing significantly in the channel and consumer engagement programs will help stimulate retail sales,’ said Jason McLean, director, Canon Consumer Imaging, Canon Australia (pictured above right).

‘We believe the Canon Christmas initiatives will help to drive momentum and consumer enthusiasm in-store.’

‘The “Very Canon Christmas” strategy builds on Canon’s investments in brand-based campaigns that have seen Canon maintain leading shares in key categories in 2010.

‘The DSLR category in particular has doubled in two years, with Canon EOS achieving close to 60 percent market share as we engage more and more consumers into the category.

‘Overall, the investment we’re making at the back end of 2010 eclipses our investment from previous years.

‘Specifically, in [the second half of] 2010 we will commit a total of $19.9 million – that’s more than our total spend for the full year in 2009,’ continued McLean.

In the lead up to Christmas, Canon has made an additional $3 million investment in the categories consumers already have a high preference for. The EOS DSLR camera range has received a $1.3 million increased spend around the new EOS 60D, with TV ads, print and in-store ads running in November,  as well as promotional spend in specialist press.

Over half of the $3 million spend will focus on digital compact cameras, designed to deliver high visibility for the Canon SuperZoom range through LED ad screens, mall banners, large-scale atrium banners, digital spectaculars and digital eyelights in shopping centres across Australia.

The major plank balancing out the total $5 million investment in the fourth quarter is the previously-announced Christmas retail campaign worth $2 million; the largest such campaign that Canon has ever launched in-store across the Christmas period.

Consumers who purchase Canon products from authorised resellers have the chance to win one of 52 available seats on a Jumbo Jet to experience the Barrier Reef, Red Centre and Rainforest. The further opportunity for consumers to win $500 every 30 minutes in business hours until January 5 is designed to put funds back into their pockets at a much-needed time.

According to Jason McLean, the campaign will incentivise consumers to make their technology investment now rather than later, ‘at a time when it is so crucial for the Australian retail sector’.

Much of this marketing communications activity also serves to drive consumers into Australian retailers stores by making the local ‘offer’ more attractive when compared to offshore internet sellers.

Canon is beginning to actively transmit the ‘Buy Local’ message, emphasising the value of a local warranty in recent press releases aimed at consumers.

Adding value

Canon’s brand-building strategy is focussed on adding value to the consumer and trade through unique experiences.

‘We’re very aware that the price-based market focus in consumer electronics is a problem for the industry and, ultimately, unsustainable,’ continued McLean.

‘By focussing on consumer needs and experiences, we’ve found that we can increase consumer satisfaction by inspiring them, helping them get the best product for their outcomes and then helping them improve their skills. Consumers want the right product for their needs, and are willing to pay more to get it.’

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