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BRIEFS: May 27

Clive Peeters creditors meet tomorrow

Canon, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony, the main camera suppliers to failed consumer electronics chain Clive Peeters, could collectively stand to lose millions of dollars owing from the retailer.

Fujifilm is also associated with Clive Peeters via the online photo service, which is operated by Fujifilm and provides prints and photo services produced at Photo Create, Glenn Innes, for pick up in Clive Peeters stores or via home delivery.

Clive Peeters went into receivership on Wednesday, May 19 after plunging sales and total debts of $140 million persuaded the board to call in voluntary administrators.

On the same day the National Australia Bank – itself owed $38 million – called in receivers to seize control of the company.

Last December Clive Peeters owed trade creditors $113 million, and the figure is likely to be even larger now. Though it is attempting to trade through its difficulties, suppliers are reported to be reluctant to continue doing business with the deeply indebted retailer.

Genuine Rewards folds

Epson is closing its Genuine Rewards program following research that suggests the investments will be better utilised by bringing the channel and end users better featured and greater value printers and cartridges, and more focussed channel support.

The Genuine Rewards programme will close on March 31, 2011. Current members are able to enter codes and accumulate points until July 31 this year. After this date no new member registrations or code entries will be accepted.

Epson has asked that retailers endeavour to sell through any Epson ink and/or hardware featuring any reference to the Genuine Rewards program prior to selling any ink and printers not containing those references.

Genuine Rewards program icons and references are being removed from product packaging on a running change basis.

C-Direct in the loop

C-Direct, distributor to photo and pharmacy retailers for Kodak, Verbatim, Unibind and Telstra has also been appointed a national distributor for Sanyo’s range of alkaline, lithium and the eco-friendly, ‘ready to use’ eneloop rechargeable battery range.

The eneloop range of batteries are not only rechargeable up to 1000 times, but they are also recyclable!

C-Direct says eneloop batteries are a strong retail proposition beyond their environmental benefits. They can be ‘sold up’ to consumers seeking a standard dry cell battery, as they come fully charged and ready for immediate use – even three years after purchase.

Mummy’s tummy pics

Japan’s largest photo chain, Kitamura, is ‘getting em while they’re young’, offering what must be a world-first first photo gifting service – ‘My First Photo Book, In the Tummy’.

This comprises ultrasound images of an unborn child taken at the hospital to record its growth in the womb. Other than ultrasound images, images of a footprint, baby and mother’s notebook, data of the baby and other images are scanned and edited into a photo book.

Ultrasound images – generally printed out on thermal paper, deteriorate rapidly and this is a way of preserving those ‘in the womb’ memories.

Nittram’s repair trial offer

Camera repair specialist Nittram Photographic Services, is offering retailers who visit the Nittram stand at the Digital Life Expo next week an offer comprising free Reply Paid postage labels for repairs, free quotations for repairs and free return shipping to encourage trial of its services.

The limited-time offer will only be available for retailers use with camera repairs during the months of June and July, and will only be available to those retailers who visit the Nittram stand during the Expo and register.

‘Retailers in many cases are simply turning their backs on the profitable camera repair business by washing their hands of the product, especially when it is out of warranty, and sending their potential customers away,’ said Nittram managing director, Tim Gledhill.

‘This not only means a lost profit opportunity on the actual repair, but it also leaves the consumer without a satisfactory resolution to their problem!’

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