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3D turntable at Sun Studios

September 28, 2010: Sun Studios Australia has announced a new turntable for shooting 3D images and video clips.

The Foba Turna Turntable is compatible with all current professional camera systems and is highly customisable. A frosted acrylic plate allows backlighting from below with a ring flash (or two standard flash heads). A modular system accommodates a wide variety of upright and hanging product types and products can be photographed precisely, thanks to the high quality step motor and customisable stop mode. Up to 360 shots can be recorded per turn and there is no limit on the size of images.

A demonstration of the device in action can be found on YouTube by clicking here.

The Foba Turna Turntable is available for sale or for hire from Sun Studios Australia. For details, phone Sun Studios at (02) 9641 5555 or email

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