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November 30, 2010: PICA has issued a press release noting that at the PICA annual general meeting in Melbourne last Tuesday, November 23, Dave Marshall, managing director, Fujifilm Australia was ‘unanimously and unopposed’ re-elected as president for a second consecutive term.

Also elected were: Treasurer, Clem Kennedy, CR Kennedy; vice president, Professional: Rob Gatto, Kayell Australia; vice president Consumer, Clyde Rodrigues, Kodak; and directors Allan Corder, Canon; Bruno Turcato, Epson; Richard Bailey, HP; Marc Radatt, Olympus; James Murray, Nikon; and Bruce Pottinger, L&P.

In a statement to members, Dave Marshall said, ‘Imaging today is about capture, printing, gifting, display, 3D, online, video and social networking and cloud computing to deliver families opportunities and memories never even imagined (sic).’

COMMENT: There is no ignoring the fact that Dave Marshall is a controversial and potentially divisive choice as PICA president, evidenced by the unprecedented swag of negative comments in Photo Counter when we reported his Golden Tripod award earlier this year. However, if no-one else wants the job, and Marshall is ready, willing and able, then it’s his prerogative to shape the direction of the industry association for the next year, along with his executive director and board.

He is ably supported by a capable and experienced group of directors, most of whom have had multiple years on the board. One observation is that the group does not seem to reflect the full spectrum of PICA’s membership. With 34 member companies, most of whom are Australian-based ‘second tier’ suppliers, there does seem to be a bias towards the photo industry’s ‘big end of town’, with only three representatives from Australian-owned businesses – two of those focussed on the professional segment. But I guess you’ve got to nominate to participate!

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